Low-Calorie Meals: How Can Guud Sugar Make Your Diet Healthy?

Low-Calorie Meals: How Can Guud Sugar Make Your Diet Healthy?

Jumping on a journey to cut back on calories isn’t easy when you've got to skip your favorite meals. It’s often difficult, and the only way to sort it out is to convince yourself of your goals. But now we’d like to present a better alternative to this situation - 

Guud Sugar - a natural sugar that’s derived from multiple ayurvedic herbs and adds the same sweetness to your diet with just ½ the quantity as compared to regular sugar. It contributes to your overall health and helps you enjoy your favorite low-calorie meal with low sugar and guilt.


How Does Guud Sugar Make Your Diet Easier?

Guud sugar has been derived from some Ayurvedic herbs, and it is low-GI. This natural sugar has the goodness of natural derivations and acts as a perfect alternative to refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. 

Low-Calorie Meals with Natural Sugar - Guud sugar


50% fewer Calories

Guud sugar proudly has 50% less calories as compared to regular sugar. It is an ideal choice for your low-calorie recipe. It allows you to eat your favorite meals and a perfect low-calorie dessert at managed calorie levels. So the next time you hold a spoon of that amazing homemade Kheer, you don’t have to worry about losing your self-control.


Glycemic Index Benefits

Guud sugar has a lower glycemic index than refined sugars. This helps in preventing rapid spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels. You will be able to sustain your energy for longer hours. It will lead to fewer cravings. Hence, we consider it to be the best natural sugar for diabetes. This is highly useful for diabetes patients looking to control their sugar intake, as Guud helps with insulin management as well.


You Just Need ½ the Quantity - for the Same Taste

If you use 1 spoon of regular sugar in one cup of tea, you’ll need just ½ spoon of Guud sugar. That’s the beauty of Guud sugar - it automatically reduces the need for you to take more and more sugar. We are automatically removing the need for you to add more sugar to match the taste of your sugar cravings.


Different Products for Different Requirements

There are 3 different packs of Guud sugar customized to your requirements. It offers variety based on your personal needs. Here are the options you can choose from:


  • Family Fit Sugar Pack for the overall health of you and your loved ones.
  • Dia-Fit Sugar Pack helps in the effective management of diabetes with low GI and 60% fewer calories. It supports glucose metabolism. 
  • Slim-Fit Sugar Pack for meals that support weight loss and fat burn.



Nutrient-Rich Sweetness

This sweetness isn’t just delicious - it is healthy. It doesn’t just satisfy your taste but also your health. Because of their natural derivations, different Guud sugar products give you the goodness of Arjuna, Punarnava, Licorice, Steviol Glycoside, Garcinia, and more. Read the complete list here: https://goguud.com/


Use it in any recipe

From amazingly soft, low-calorie pancakes to fruit custards, Guud sugar offers its sweetness to a versatile list of desserts. The only difference is that it's now a low-calorie dessert. The aroma and taste are just beautiful. Desserts are meant to give you happiness, and anything you consume is meant to give you healthy nutrition. Because if not, why’d you even consume it?


Here is how you can make a tasty and healthy Mango Shake at home!



Guud Sugar serves customers pan India with our entire range of products at up to 15% off. If you too would like to start the Guud journey, order now!

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