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A Legacy of 'Guudness'
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About Patrika Wellness
Patrika Group now has a vision to transform the way Indians eat by creating healthy options. They wish to not just enlighten the minds of Indians, but also enable them to live healthy lives, where their immunity and wellness support their daily endeavors. With this objective in mind, Patrika Wellness was conceptualized : A company focused on innovation In Foods & Beverages. The Group believes that, to build a healthier nation, Indians needs to revisit and reassess the food and drink they consume. By reviving age-old Indian food habits and combining them with latest scientific research, Patrika Wellness wishes to revolutionize the way people think about, cook and consume food."

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The Vision

Under the aegis of Patrika Wellness was born Guud Sugars, a brand whose philosophy is :

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं 'Protecting The Health Of The Healthy’

Guud products combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with new-age technology and science. They are a range of natural sugars that blend taste with health, fitness with strength.

What are the alternatives available - to cut out sugar completely or to opt for artificial sweeteners with side effects and bad after-tastes?

Guud researched that there are definitely more creative approaches to produce and consume natural sugar.

This, along with the fact that diabetes has become a global epidemic, made Patrika Wellness chose sugar as the first food to reinvent.

The Mission

Guud was conceptualised as a natural sugar that tastes the same as regular but is natural, low-caloried and with plenty of health benefits.

Guud’s range of sugars supports good health. This will make a difference to the way people enjoy sweetness – not with a feeling of guilt or with the thought of weight gain at the back of their minds, but with awareness of the multiple health benefits of natural herbs that are ingredients of Guud sugars.

Guud products combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with new-age technology and science. They are a range of natural sugars that blend taste with health, fitness with strength.

The Guud product basket features wellness natural sugars that include raw sugar fortified with Ayurvedic Herbs, Vitamins & Minerals and Added Fibre -smart sugar that does its work with half the serving.

Our mission is to tackle the sugar problem but not compromise on taste. This took more than a year’s research and development. But our objective was achieved – a tasty natural sugar with low calories, that can now be your mantra on your wellness journey, and don’t worry about the after-taste anymore!.

Guud products have no artificial sweeteners, making them flavourful without being an impediment to a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle..

Shubham Tiwari

“I saw the packaging of the product, and I must say that it is premium and quality-driven. I am excited to use the pack of Guud Sugar!”

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Rajesh Sharma

“The brand seems impressive, as this natural sugar has multiple health benefits and fewer calories. I would love to give it a shot.”

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Neeraj Sharma

“Best natural sugar for diabetics. Thanks to Guud Sugar, I can now confidently and healthily try all of the tasty and healthy desserts.”

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Pooja Kale

“As a working mother, staying healthy is vital. Truly, Guud Sugar has changed my life with its Ayurvedic goodness and nutrition!”

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